Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon in 'The Aeronauts'

The former Theory of Everything costars reunite for this movie about aeronautic flight, but there’s something about this that bothers me right off the bat. This is supposedly based on true events, and the Eddie Redmayne character was a real guy who did this stuff, but with a man named Henry Tracey Coxwell as his co-pilot and the scientist who saved his life in the sky. That real life figure has been erased and the Felicity Jones character completely made up out of thin air, presumably so Redmayne can have a woman guiding him at the controls instead. But that never happened! Look, there’s embellishing history and then there’s making shit up and claiming it’s real. There are plenty of impressive and accomplished women in history to do biopics about- I don’t like changing someone else’s historical achievements to put a fictional person in that place instead, especially if you’re going to claim this was based on a true story.