Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader Are Santa's Kids in 'Noelle'

Looks like this is the year to attempt some new Christmas movies, with this one and Last Christmas, but these don’t usually work out. When was the last Christmas movie to become an actual perennial? I can’t think of anything past Elf and Love, Actually (both from 2003!). And this one doesn’t look great either (it could be the next Fred Claus- ick), but I do love me some Bill Hader in just about anything, so I may check it out when it comes on Disney+ in November. Yes, this is another straight to streaming movie, with Disney going all in on the service with original films like this and Lady and the Tramp. By the way, I have to assume this ends with Anna Kendrick taking up the reigns as a female Santa, right? There’s no hint of that in the trailer, but it seems obvious that’s the logical conclusion here. Or does she actually reform her brother to save the day in the end? Would it be too controversial for Disney to make Santa Claus a woman?