Trailer for Final Season of 'The Americans' is Here

Yay! One of my favorite shows of the decade is ending its run this year, and it looks like they're getting close to the end of the Cold War onscreen as well. Oddly, the show now feels newly relevant- as we see America and the Soviet Union's relationship thaw in this final season, it feels all too sadly prophetic when you look at what's happening right now in the real world. I'll be sad when this one is over, but I can't wait for the season to start. March 28th, everyone. Mark your calendars.

Carey Mulligan Stars in BBC Miniseries 'Collateral'

This miniseries is currently airing on the BBC in the UK, but all four episodes will drop on Netflix on March 9th. For my money, British shows are better at these topical procedural dramas, but I wonder if that's just because the setting makes it less familiar to me and therefore more interesting than the usual cop shows over here. I'll be checking it out for sure. 

Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon in a New 'Fahrenheit 451'

This looks interesting. The only version of the classic novel I've ever seen was the 1960's Francois Truffaut one with Julie Christie, and it wasn't that great. This already looks like a big improvement, and with talent like this, including 99 Homes director Ramin Bahrani, how could it not be? No premiere date yet, but it's coming out in the spring, so I'll keep an eye out.

New Trailers for Upcoming Seasons of 'Jessica Jones,' 'Silicon Valley'

Spring TV season is right around the corner! Here's a new trailer for Season 2 of Jessica Jones, which is going to delve into her backstory and family history. Looks like Kilgrave is back too, although I'm really hoping that's just a dream sequence. It drops on March 8th.

And here's the new one for Season 5 of Silicon Valley, starting March 25th, a show which has never declined in quality or humor for as long as I've watched it, although I do wonder how much longer it might go, since the whole premise of the show relies on the guys never fully reaching success.

'Homeland' Season 7 Starts on Sunday Night

Homeland's changed a lot over the seasons, but after all these years I'm in it 'til the end at this point. Ever since Brody's death the show has basically revamped itself each year, telling self-contained seasonal arcs, but this time it looks like a continuation of last year's President Keane storyline. The show plots its stories with real world parallels but was caught flat-footed (as we all were) when Elizabeth Marvel's Keane, who started out as an obvious good but hated Hillary-type figure had to be morphed into a paranoid wannabe dictator who might actually be some sort of spy? Yeah, it was contrived, but give 'em a break, they were not expecting to get saddled with Trump. So now here we are and the show is going for what looks like a government conspiracy from the inside with Saul pulled into the mix and Carrie on the outside worming her way in. The seventh season premiere is this Sunday night at 9pm on Showtime.

'iZombie' Returns for Season 4 on February 26th

Yay! This CW show remains one of my faves, and is finally coming back for its fourth season soon. After last year's premise altering finale, the show takes place in an essentially new universe this season, where zombies have come out of the shadows and taken over the city. It annoys me that Ravi (Rahul Kohli) looks like he's become a zombie now (we need SOME remaining humans on the show), but I can't wait until this one starts again.