'Supergirl' Finds its Superman

Okay, so it looks like the Berlanti-verse resisted all calls to cast Smallville's Tom Welling in the role, and instead have gone with 28-year-old Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf fame, who brings along a plethora of teenage fangirls with him, I hear. I never watched that show, so I can't speak to this guy's acting skills, but he does look the part at least. 

Couple things though. First, according to Supergirl's own timeline, the in-universe Man of Steel should be at least 36, and instead he's going to be just one year older than Melissa Benoist. Huh.Which leads into my next declaration, which is that this choice does absolutely nothing to convince me this isn't some planted pilot for a potential spinoff series next year. Don't be surprised at all when Legends of Tomorrow is canceled in 2017, to be replaced in the fall by a brand new Adventures of Superman-type show on the CW. At this point I'd bet money on it. I mean, come on, people are already asking for Lois and Lex, it's only a matter of time, right?