Stephen Colbert Brings Back "Stephen Colbert" For the Republican Convention

I'm sure this was probably planned for a while, but coming off the Emmy snubs and increasing whispers that Colbert and James Corden should trade time slots, this can't help but look like both a triumphant and welcome return, and possibly a tacit admission of failure on Colbert's awkward and uneven attempts to be himself with The Late Show. Let's face it, his show has not been good, and seeing the old right-wing pundit come back in a blaze of glory to lay waste to Donald Trump with The Word makes us wish he'd been here this whole time. He was desperately needed. So what now? Does Comedy Central Stephen Colbert return for weekly segments? Eventually a full-time basis? I wouldn't be too surprised if it ultimately happens- politics is what Stephen does best, and is so obviously what he prefers. There's no shame in admitting something isn't working. Embarrassment, yes, but if it involves bringing back the greatness, then hey, I'll take it.