Samira Wiley in the New Promo for 'You're the Worst' Season 3

Here's a show you haven't seen me mention on this site yet, right? Well, that's because I just caught up with the first two seasons, and I LOVE IT. Seriously, this is my only real issue in this era of Peak TV. Good shows are slipping through the cracks, even for a certified TV buff like me. This is one of them- it's hilarious, romantic, outrageously frank and sweet yet unsentimental at the same time. Like Catastrophe, another one of my favorite comedies, it's a rom-com that has brought the genre into television and revitalized it, since they simply don't make these kinds of movies anymore. You should catch up with it if you can. And Kether Donahue steals every single scene in the "best friend" role- she's a completely unexpected character that fits none of the stereotypes that role presents.