'Homeland' Season 7 Starts on Sunday Night

Homeland's changed a lot over the seasons, but after all these years I'm in it 'til the end at this point. Ever since Brody's death the show has basically revamped itself each year, telling self-contained seasonal arcs, but this time it looks like a continuation of last year's President Keane storyline. The show plots its stories with real world parallels but was caught flat-footed (as we all were) when Elizabeth Marvel's Keane, who started out as an obvious good but hated Hillary-type figure had to be morphed into a paranoid wannabe dictator who might actually be some sort of spy? Yeah, it was contrived, but give 'em a break, they were not expecting to get saddled with Trump. So now here we are and the show is going for what looks like a government conspiracy from the inside with Saul pulled into the mix and Carrie on the outside worming her way in. The seventh season premiere is this Sunday night at 9pm on Showtime.