Week of Aug 25-30

This week in Movie News: the box office report for the weekend of Aug 23; 5 movies about civil rights- The Long Walk Home, Malcolm X, In the Heat of the Night, Mississippi Burning, and The Butler; new trailers for Divergent and Dallas Buyers Club; Iron-Jawed Angels for Women's Equality Day; casting news for the new James Brown biopic; blu-ray pick of the week To Be or Not to Be; the President's comments about The Butler; new poster for The Monuments Men; my review of Mud; the lineup of Oscar contenders for the Telluride Film Festival; MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech picture of the day; first reactions to Gravity at the Venice Film Festival; casting news on James Spader in Avengers 2; and the slaughtering of Getaway by the critics.

This week in TV Home: Anna Gunn's editorial in the New York Times; recaps of Breaking Bad and The Newsroom; recapping the VMA's; and the new meme of Breaking Bad's Hank and Marie watching the VMA's.