Week of Sept 1-6

This week in Movie News: First reaction from Telluride for Labor Day and 12 Years a Slave;  the trailer for Prisoners; Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue; the box office report for Labor Day weekend; the trailer for Ron Howard's Rush; the blu-ray pick of the week, Mystery Science Theater 3000; first reaction in Venice for Philomena, Under the Skin and The Wind Rises; first teaser for Under the Skin; a behind the scenes look at 12 Years a Slave; the full trailer for Gravity; who's getting Honorary Oscars this year; trailer for Kill Your Darlings; TIFF reminder; the trailer for the new RoboCop; the first awful reviews for Diana; and Rolling Stone's list of the 25 best movie soundtracks.

This week in TV Home: the new trailer for Season 4 of Downton Abbey; the recap of this week's Breaking Bad; and a speech from Kevin Spacey on the BBC talking about the new way of watching TV.

Also this week: new monthly movie picks for September, all ten related to the theme of the month- "Back to School"