'If Beale Street Could Talk' Gets a New Trailer

The new Barry Jenkins movie based on the James Baldwin novel was a runner-up for the TIFF People’s Choice Award, despite reports that it may have been too inaccessible for mainstream audiences. Apparently not, and that kind of response indicates it may not be just critics who warm to this movie. The trailer is certainly lovely. It comes out on November 30th.

Ralph and Vanellope Explore the Internet in Final Trailer for 'Wreck-it Ralph 2'

Finally some advertising that’s not just about that Disney princess scene. I actually liked the first Wreck-it Ralph and thought it was perfectly made for sequels, but then Zootopia came out and became my favorite Disney movie in the last two decades (and even MORE perfectly engineered for sequels), so I kinda forgot about this one. But this trailer makes it look pretty fun, so I’ll be seeing it.

Brie Larson Crash Lands on Earth in First 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

Hey, this looks kinda good! Finally, after 11 years, we have Marvel Studios’ first film starring a woman superhero, as Brie Larson takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel, in a movie set in the 1990’s (making use of the whole digital de-aging process to bring back Pulp Fiction era Samuel L. Jackson, as you can see here). Have to admit, I might be sort of excited for this one. Can’t believe it took them so long, but it’s finally happening.

Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins for a New Generation in 'Mary Poppins Returns'

Months after the original teaser, and the trailer is finally here for this. Looks like Emily Blunt chose not to do a Julie Andrews imitation, which is probably smart, but I’m not sure. Looks okay, I guess. To me, the 1964 movie is iconic and singular, not something that can be redone in any way, really. And it sounds like they’ve got some new music here, but the best part of this trailer is seeing Dick Van Dyke dancing again. What do you think?

Here’s the retro poster they came up with:


Crowd Pleaser 'Green Book' is a Showstopper in Toronto

Reports out of TIFF indicated a surprise audience favorite in Green Book, this movie starring Viggo Mortenson and Mahershala Ali, which took the crowds by storm and is set to turn into a huge word of mouth hit around Thanksgiving. Comparisons to Hidden Figures abounded, and you have to admit that it does look crowd pleasing. I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ll have to keep an eye out now.

Orson Welles Returns With 'The Other Side of the Wind'

Yes, you read that right. The legendary Orson Welles is back! Or at least, this is his final film, finished after all these years with the help of a new post-production team assembling all the footage that was filmed back in the 70's along with Welles' own editing notes. How cool is that, right? This is definitely one of the most anticipated films of the fall season for any true film buffs out there. Netflix is releasing it on November 2nd and it's premiering at Venice tomorrow.

Hugh Jackman Takes on Gary Hart in 'The Front Runner'

Jason Reitman's new movie is premiering at Telluride tomorrow and we're getting the first trailer for it today. It actually looks pretty interesting- I would have thought a sex scandal taking down a presidential candidate in 1988 would seem quaint by today's standards, but the movie looks to be making the argument that this particular story was what began the tabloid-esque obsession with gossip in politics from that point forward. Hugh Jackman could be an Oscar contender for this as well. It comes out on November 7th.

Another Look at 'First Man' Ahead of Venice Premiere

Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic First Man kicks off the Venice Film Festival today, and the reviews seem pretty strong so far (early scores have it at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and 81 on Metacritic). This is definitely a better trailer than the last one, but I just can't manage to muster up much interest in this film, to tell you the truth. Not sure why exactly- maybe because I'm not the biggest Chazelle fan (didn't like La La Land or Whiplash all that much). I'm glad it appears to be good, and I'll certainly see it, but the whole subject matter leaves me cold for some reason.