Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: "Eraserhead" (1977)

Now here's a neat choice for those who like something a little twisted and different. Eraserhead is the movie that introduced everyone to the nightmares of one Mr. David Lynch, and to this day remains one of his most creepy, unsettling, purely visceral experiences. No real plot to speak of, just some crisp black and white photography over images of various dreamlike monsters, circus freaks, and alien inhabitants. An unforgettably freakish little movie, which will haunt you for hours after it's over...unless you hate it from beginning to end, which is an entirely plausible reaction. Lynch is always a polarizing experience, but he remains one of a kind, still influential today, as you can see in a movie like Under the Skin. Check this one out if you dare.

Original 1977 Teaser Trailer: