Matt Damon Returns to the 'Bourne' Universe

Yeah, you read that right. After years of speculation and denials, even ones as recent as a couple of months ago, it's now been confirmed by Deadline that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, the duo who practically reinvented the action movie for the 2000's, will be returning for the fifth installment of the Bourne franchise, set to come out in July of 2016. This will be their third Bourne collaboration (Doug Liman directed the original film, but Greengrass is the one who defined the series). So what happens to poor Jeremy Renner, who starred in the last Bourne movie, the lackluster Bourne Legacy? Well, he kinda gets kicked to the curb, as Universal has stated that that entry has been delayed indefinitely. Better luck next time, Hawkeye. This is pretty exciting news though, as I admit to being a pretty big fan of the original trilogy. I just hope it wasn't primarily money that prompted these two to return when they claimed they'd never do another- it'd be nice if they could make one that matches up to the quality of the second and third Bourne movies, which remain pretty awesome, even now. I'm thinking Bourne Again for the title- what do you think? Too obvious?