'Batman v Superman' Trailer Launches at Comic Con

Yikes. There's...quite a lot going on here isn't there? Not least of which is Jesse Eisenberg's complete tonal mismatch of a Lex Luthor caricature in a ridiculous wig, yet another glance at what happened to Batman's parents (because lord knows we haven't seen enough of that), more Superman as Jesus imagery, and of course, the Man of Steel-esque video game-y fight scene between Batman, Superman and apparently at least a little bit of Wonder Woman in there too. Wouldn't be a Zack Snyder joint without that, right? Who wants to bet it lasts the last hour of the movie, just like Superman versus Zod did in the last one? Another favorite Snyder contribution to Superman lore is turning both his Earth parents into assholes- real great advice there, Ma Kent.

This looks like the overstuffed, pretentious, utterly unpleasant mess that I expected it to be, based on what MoS was, but with one bright spot- I am going to be laughing heartily at every line Lex Luthor utters, so at least there will be some entertainment value in here, even if it's unintentional.