J.J. Abrams Debuts 'Star Wars' Sizzle Reel at Comic-Con

The era of fanfic continues! Although I personally get a kick out of the fact that the very first words in this behind the scenes video play like a big fuck you to George Lucas's CGI-ridden prequels. Look, I love Star Wars and I'm going to see this in the theater at Christmastime like everybody else, but watching the reverence with which these actors talk about the old movies as they make their own version of a new one can't help but feel like a bunch of nerds playing dress up with a hundred million dollar budget for a home video. No wonder this was shown at ComicCon of all places. Will it be better than the prequels? Of course. Is it still essentially writing your own chapter of someone else's original idea from a long time ago? Yes. Yes it is. And I want something brand new again.