Harrison Ford Returns in Sequel to 'Blade Runner'

So I guess Harrison Ford is just going to reprise every single one of his career-defining roles for their decades later sequels/reboots, etc? The sucky thing about him coming back for this one is that this confirms his character in the original was officially not a replicant. Right? Which takes away all that great ambiguity from the final scene. Arrival's Denis Villeneuve was tapped to direct this, and though he's actually not a bad replacement for Ridley Scott's cold, distant touch, I don't know how they can possibly recreate the most iconic thing about Blade Runner, which was its set design and special effects, some of the most influential of all time. It's now all CGI of course, but that can't possibly look the same as the effects from 1982. Even if they're technically "better," it won't be the same city.