Batman Assembles the 'Justice League' in New Sizzle Reel

As many issues as I had with the way they seem to have approached Wonder Woman in that trailer, this footage taken from the ongoing filming of Justice League just made me laugh. And no, not in the way they wanted me to. This IS Zack Snyder directing again, probably for the last time, and boy, do you think the studio notes mandated some HUMOR this time around or what? I think it said jokes, jokes, jokes- MAKE IT FUNNY. Because this really looks nothing like Batman v Superman, and I suppose that's a good thing, but then again, Zack Snyder, ultimate self-important dude bro being forced to deliver a "fun" superhero movie against his natural instincts as a filmmaker...this sounds like a recipe for disaster, frankly. Oh, and the studio also ordered some rock music thrown in, because people love that in their trailers these days. Don't see this working either. And can I just say, the fact that they're ripping off the TV version of The Flash character is lame, but how much more lame is The Flash's costume in this? UGH. Nice robot shoulders, dude. Give me the TV one any day.