Comic-Con Debuts 'Wonder Woman' Trailer

Comic-Con of course brought us some big time trailers this weekend, one of which is the much anticipated Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot as the titular iconic heroine in her first ever feature film. So what do you think? I'm only gonna say a couple of things. One, I don't trust any single DC movie until they get rid of Zack Snyder from any trace of the production, and I know that his fingerprints are all over this one, including the screenplay. So there's a red flag. Two, I am pretty mortified by Gal Gadot's acting here, but acting is less of a problem for superheroes than not having a screen presence. And she looks to be entirely missing that last part, which is crucial. I mean, that beach scene with Chris Pine? Man, that looks bad. Finally, I see a lot of self-serious slo-mo action in this, another Snyder stamp, and frankly, Wonder Woman as a violent WWI-era actioner makes no sense to me whatsoever. So I'm not very optimistic about this movie- I know some people think it looks great, but I have serious doubts. And I HATE that horrible, god awful theme music they're bringing over from her appearance in Batman v Superman. WHY??? I also really don't like her costume. This is just not the Wonder Woman movie I would have wanted to see.