Kevin Hart to Host the 91st Academy Awards


Well…in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s December and an Oscar host still hadn’t been announced, which is really late, for show preparation. That’s apparently because no one wanted the gig, and why would they? It’s long become the most thankless job in Hollywood, subject to endless criticism and ever lower ratings (although that may or may not be the host’s fault), so the Academy has been scrounging for weeks for someone who was willing to do it. Apparently that’s Kevin Hart, who had mentioned in the last couple years that he wanted to and now they’re taking him up on the offer. I’m not excited about this, because 1) I don’t think he’s particularly funny, 2) his style of standup isn’t conducive to this type of hosting duty, and 3) his VMA hosting job was an absolute disaster. Maybe he’ll draw a bigger audience thanks to his social media following (and that’s what ABC and the Academy wants), but frankly, I’m expecting the most cringeworthy hosting performance since Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I hope he proves me wrong.