Jordan Peele is Back With 'Us,' His First Movie Since 'Get Out'

Lupita Nyong’o is starring in Oscar winner Jordan Peele’s first film since Get Out, a new horror movie that looks mighty creepy. Appropriately enough, the trailer drops on Christmas Day of course. Hard to tell if this one will have the same kind of satire/social commentary of his last film, but on first glance it looks more like traditional horror to me. It’s coming out next March.

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth Take Over the 'Men in Black' Franchise

A Thor: Ragnarok reunion here as these two try to keep this long-running series going, but I have to confess something- I was never a fan of the Men in Black movies. Nope, not even the first one. I guess it had its amusing moments, but I only saw it once and then never again, and didn’t bother with any of the sequels, so even if this is good (doesn’t look that funny from this trailer) it won’t be for me.

David Harbour Takes Over the Hellboy Role in Trailer for Reboot

Guillermo del Toro’s sleeper Hellboy movies had a perfect actor in Ron Perlman as the laconic character, but is it me or does this reboot look kinda good? David Harbour from Stranger Things is taking over (and doesn’t look much different as far as the makeup goes), but he looks to be bringing a certain spirited attitude to the part. The new director is Neil Marshall, a British filmmaker whose first two horror movies, Dog Soldiers and The Descent, were pretty good, so maybe this one will deliver. It won’t have that unique del Toro flavor of course, which is too bad. I always wanted to see a third sequel to that series. This one is coming out in April.